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Generally planted from April to July and harvested from October to January*.




Barley & Sorghum


Growing Regions

Our Wheat Products

Australian Prime Hard - (APH)
  • An exceptional high quality milling wheat that produces high flour yields with low ash content and excellent colour.
  • High in protein, above 13% for strong dough characteristics.
  • Often blended with lower protein wheats to produce flours that are also suitable for other ranges of specialised bakery products and noodles.
  • Used for making artisan breads, dry white salted noodles or yellow alkaline noodles that require bright colours and a firm texture.
Australian Hard - (AH)
  • Consists of specified, clean, white and hard grained wheat varieties that also have excellent milling and dough qualities.
  • Relatively high in protein at above 11.5%; achieves high extraction rates in the mill and a good water absorption in the kitchen or bakery.
  • Used for making flatbreads, dumplings or spring roll wrappers, steamed buns and yellow alkaline noodles.
Australian Premium White - (APW)
  • APW has good milling properties and good colour characteristics and produces a good dough.
  • Protein levels at a minimum of 10%.
  • Used for making flatbreads, Chinese baked goods, soft-oil coated noodles and dry instant noodles.
Australian Hard White - (ASW)
  • ASW has good milling and colour characteristics, often blended with other Australian wheats to get the protein levels required.
  • It has no minimum protein level.
  • Used for making flatbreads, Chinese steamed bread products, biscuits, instant noodles and specialist noodles that require a softer texture or bite.
Australian Noodle Wheat (ASWN / APWN)
  • Australian Noodle Wheat is currently made up of two wheat classes - Australian Standard Noodle (ASWN) and Australian Premium Noodle (APWN).
  • These varieties must meet the quality requirements for the production of noodles.
  • Both classes use white grained wheat varieties, ASWN are soft grained, APWN are hard grained. They must meet the correct flour colour and colour stability standards.
  • Used for making the best white salted noodles with a bright appearance and a stable, white to creamy colour; the starch and noodle texture is described as soft and elastic.
Australian Durum Wheat - (ADR)
  • This Australian wheat is high in protein at above 13% and is suitable for the production of a wide range of high quality fresh or dried pasta products and couscous.
  • Durum wheat is different from other wheats as it has endosperm that does not break into fine flour when milled, but rather into coarse semolina.
  • Used for making pasta and baking pizza bases.

Our Commitment to Quality and Food Safety

  • We act in accordance with the industry regulations and trade rules set by Grain Trade Australia (GTA) to ensure transparent agreements are in place.
  • Our farmers work with qualified agronomists to ensure they identify the most suitable crop type for their farm and provide in-crop management and soil improvement advice.
  • After harvesting we ensure there is product traceability and segregated storage, and that quality testing and packing protocols are in place to ensure the product meets the highest quality and performance standards.
  • We ensure that all biosecurity regulations by the Australian Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF/AQIS) and China’s import requirements are met.
  • Grain supply is available in both containers or in bulk shipments.

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* Depending on varying growing regions, time of planting and seasonal conditions as they may vary from year to year.

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