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Manuka Honey and other Native Honey Blends

Our Australian and New Zealand honey range includes the world famous Manuka honey and native honey blends like Kanuka, Rewarewa and Kamahi.

All our honey is 100% natural and pure; it’s harvested and independently tested, certified and packed in approved government export facilities.

Each honey in our range has its own very particular natural flavour, created by the different nectars that our honey bees feed on.

Our Manuka honey has a unique flavour which has been characterised as earthy, aromatic, oily, tangy, herbaceous, florid, rich and complex. It is known for its special naturally occurring antibacterial properties, and is a good source of sugars and carbohydrates, making it an ideal quick energy food for strength and endurance.

Our Manuka honey is graded using the Unique Manuka Factor trademark and quality assurance guidelines; varying concentrations include UMF 5+, UMF 10+, UMF 15+.

Retail sizes range from 250g, 500g to 1kg jars. See more Teora products

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